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1x Reveal Balloon 3ft (90cm) Latex Helium

1x Reveal Balloon 3ft (90cm) Latex Helium

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* Foil balloons often stay inflated for an entire week or more, while standard latex balloons typically last for around 2 days when treated with hifloat.
Latex balloons are made from natural rubber from rubber trees.

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1x Reveal Balloon 3ft (90cm) Latex Helium

Price includes:Β β€’ Pink or blue paper confetti inside. β€’ 16x Blue or pink 5inch air filled balloons inside. β€’ Weight, ribbon, and arrangement.

Delivery πŸššΒ β€’ Free delivery available with orders $50 and over, $15 fee otherwise. 22km travel limit from Nelson Bay CBD. Select "Ship" at checkout. β€’ Pick up available at Treasure Trove within business hours. Select "Pick up" at checkout.

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